Kabinet beers are here to surprise, refresh and awaken your senses and your memories. As the first greenfield craft brewery in the Balkans we strive to be revolutionaries in Serbia. Thus, we were brave enough to make more than 80 beers in more then 4 years, some are herbal, others are brewed with spices or are organic, even lambic and barrel aged ones. Our recipes have traveled to 25 countries. As each beer has a character of its own that is why each of our labels is done by a different artist. Beer is food and as such an endless inspiration. Pivolada as a unique beer spread is our homage to this. We are proud to have collaborated with some of the amazing brewers like Mikkeller, De Molen, Canediguerra, Zagovor, Bakunin, Rewort, Visibaba, White Stork... We are here to make all those small but precious moments of relaxation and sharing thoughts, plans and emotions even more special.