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During the holidays Webshop will be closed from 31st of December 2021 until 10th of January 2022.
Delivery of the orders received on 30th of December will depend on a courier service working hours.
Happy Holidays!

Springtime & flowers with gifts from Kabinet


Our 7th birthday


To enjoy it together, 15%  discount for the entire online range, from 12th to 16th of February.

Do I need it? Maybe- Not. Do I want it? Definitely-Yes.


4 pack is a perfect size for your inner balance. The question of sharing is up to you.
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Pop up party


Pop up party- for the first V online purchases above 2.000,00 rsd, the gift is- two glasses.

Fight the winter blues


For all the orders above 3.000,00 rsd we are offering a 15% discount, for the purchases in the amount of 2.000,00 rsd, delivery is free in Belgrade.



A rose of winds is formed over Kosmaj because the air currents from the Carpathians & the Mediterranean merge there and create a favourable climate that all air spas have. In addition to this, rich history from the Roman times, over a summer retreat for Despot Stefan Lazarević & to an amazing brutalist monument situated on the top of this mountain that is only 45km from Belgrade. We are thrilled that Kabinet brewery is the only one from this region to be in the Phaidon press guide- Where to drink beer- as a worth a travel destination. So far we had guests from over 40 different countries, cheers from Nemenikuće!

III birthday of our sourdough bread


We travel with recipes- Homa Restaurant-Stuffed dry peppers


Thanks to exquisite Homa Restaurant we've been working with since the very beginning of Kabinet, that also offered beer pairing menu, we are sharing this vegetarina recipe. At this delicate time, it may be ideal to practice new skills such as practicing undiscovered cooking talents.

We travel with recipes- Ms Nami and Restaurant Istok- Vegetarian crunchy Samosas


Thanks to the first female recommendation, Nami, co owner of the unique Vietnamese restaurant Istok & co creator with the Swedish chef Lars of the Kabinet ale Istok- with lychees & black pepper- for the vegetarian recipe- crunchy Samosas.

We travel with recipes- Hotel Dukley Gardens, Montenegro- Nachos with Guacamole & tomato salsa


Thanks to Hotel Dukley Gardens, Montenegro for reminding us of the summer season. Their Nachos with Guacamole & tomato salsa goes well with our beer Supreme session. All ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and have many health benefits. It is a great choice for all seasons and casual gatherings.

We travel with recipes- Cvece Zla, chef Stefan Zecevic - Chicken under a brick


One of the first place for Kabinet beers, together with the boutique hotel Square Nine, fine dining restaurant Homa and the first craft beer bar Samo Pivo, was famous Dijagonala, today their sequal is Cvece Zla. Here is a recommendation of their chef Stefan Zecevic.

We travel with recipes-Endorfin gastro pub-Lentils with grilled leeks


Thanks to Endorfin gastro pub and their chef Nikola

Virtual exhibition Storyline


Thanks Storyline Belgrade team, the illustrators of a sour beer Carnival, that was brewed as a specialty for export to Brazil, for this reminder of those great days.

We travel with recipes - Dejan Maksimović Maxa and Kabinet Beer Lounge


Thanks to an amazing professional and creative chef Dejan Maksimovi Max from the Kabinet Beer Lounge recipe of the tortilla bread. See you at our Kosmaj beach :-).

We travel with recipes-Project 72 Novi Sad & Srdjan Turukalo-Bread


Thanks Project 72 Novi Sad & Srdjan Turukalo, the epicenter of Novi Sad gastronomy

Virtual exhibition Tadija Janićijević


"Creativity is a cure for this world".
Painter Tadija Janicevic, the artist behind To the Moon & back label.

Virtual exhibition Valentina Brostean


Thanks Valentina Brostean,the designer of Disko NEIPA label on this view of "Dreaming while in the quarantine".

Virtual exhibition Margareta Nedeljković


Thanks Margareta Nedeljković, the author of Akrobata session IPA label, on this inspiration, "A requisites for work from home".

Virtual exhibition Đorđe Vasić


Thanks Đorđe Vasić, the designer of Wheat me up label, on this "Vision of a new road ahead of us".

Virtual exhibition Bratislav Milenković


Thanks Bratislav Milenković, the author of legendary BrrKaaa label, on this "Virtual going out".

Webshop Kabinet


We could say that craft beer is food, that is healthy, that is relaxing, but you already know that. The only novelty is that all orders over 2000rsd are free on the Belgrade territory, if ordered the same day before 12 p.m., cheers to platonic relationships.

Orders after noon are shipped the day after except for the curfew when we have to wait for Monday.

For each purchased package (24 beers) Kabinet gives bonus six pack of 3 light & 3 dark Visibaba beers perfect for the Easter lunch.

Kabinet Brewery wish you Happy Holidays!!


Our webshop is open for orders until 29th of December, see you again from 8th of January.
Kabinet Brewery beer lounge & restaurant will be open, starting the weekend of 18th of January.



Tel:+381 65 944 95 15

Kabinet Brewery beer lounge & restaurant


Kabinet Brewery beer lounge & restaurant is open on the weekends.



Feel the cosmic vibrations in each sip of this limited edition beer with Jaffa biscuits, black chocolate and candied orange.




Interview with Chef Dejan Maksimović Max.



A great way to join knowledge, talent and inspiration and to move the limits of the beer taste while getting to know new recipes and cultures. This year we had a great pleasure to welcome the legends of the craft beer Dutch brewery De Molen, also one of the best Russian breweries Bakunin and a young but progressive Rewort brewery.

Kabinet Brewery- Worth the travel


We are honored to be recommended as a place worth traveling in the book by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso, better known as the legendary creator of the Evil Twin brewery from the USA. Edition by the famous Phaidon house.

NEIPA and Stone Brewing Berlin


It was a pleasure to be part of the Berlin Beer Week Festival as the guest of the famous Stone Brewery in Berlin

III Vrteška festival


This weekend you can go on an amazing trip with some of the most impressive craft breweries from Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain at Dorcol Platz, May 11th and 12th. Vrteška is currently the only international craft beer festival in the region, bringing you the most exciting selection of beer styles in one place, with over 40 foreign breweries, organized by Samo Pivo Bar and Kabinet Brewery. The first one took place in autumn of 2016, where some of the most prized beers of today premiered with a gastronomic support from Square Nine, Homa and Cveće Zla restaurants.

Beer pairing at Enso restaurant


Terrine of walnuts and tamarind - Harakoa (New England IPA)
Zander fillet with beurre blanc sauce and pickled onions - Wheat me up 
Sausage served with three types of mustard - Mozaik (session IPA)
Roasted pork belly on squid ink pancake - Olga (Baltic Porter)
Crunchy Caramel Cake - Milk stout (Mikkeller)

New beer label concur


It's a summer, it's hot, Wheat me Up, a Belgian wheat beer, which keeps rhythm and gives you a special musical backgorund while you drink it.

Piknik season III


For everyone from 0.9 to 99 years, a nice day for yourself, enjoyment in nature, music organized by Kišobran, food under Burger House directorate and a drinks from the Cabinet of curiosities.

Mad world of beers


It is great to brew with people who share a passion for experimenting with flavors they are Mad Scientist, the best Hungarian brewery. We were their guests in an exciting cooking with their traditional Chimney cake with spices.

Pivolada beer spread


Pivolada is a unique all natural beer spread made in collaboration with chef Max from the Norwegian Embassy. It is an amazing taste of beer mixed with various spices, great to be paired with cheese, pancakes or meat, enjoy!

The foundations


Construction started in the spring of 2013. We had the honor that the project was done by late Đorđe Gec and the studio Fluid. The production part of the building was completed in less than a year.