NEIPA and Stone Brewing Berlin

NEIPA is an IPA 

Within the past few years, beer audience has traveled a long crafted path of adjustment to fresh beer trends. It took some time for the domestic crowd to pass the first inexperienced „I’m not used to lemony feel and bitterness, give me something ordinary“ and to learn how to appreciate and understand the quality of artisan beer. We spread the word by explaining that bitter and citrusy in the high quality craft beer usually means brewing with the variety of hops, the most important and most expensive beer spice, which still frightens the commercial beer industry.

That is how IPA became a trend in the essential meaning of the word. Having in mind the unbelievable freedom of experimenting, brewing alchemists never let us feel suppressed by the style, because craft beer has nothing to do with the lack of taste and boredom. Logically, IPA varied and branched in many „sub-styles“.

New England/Vermont IPA is a style determined geographically by it’s name (even now the most famous examples come from Vermont). It can be distinguished by a subtle, not so intense bitterness, soft and easy mouthfeel and tropical, super refreshing taste and aromas. It is commonly brewed in small batches since it’s the best while still quite young and fresh. Visually, it is characterized by orange color and haziness.

In the summer of 2017, our little cabinet of wonders gave birth to an unnamed NEIPA, which conquered the beer lovers immediately and became synonymous with summery refreshment. The first nickname was Juicy, but the popularity it gained was massive so we decided to make it official, bottle and label it.

That’s the tale of Disko, euphoria in a bottle, which completely redefined the way we saw IPA’s. In no time even the muggles from the begging of this story went crazy about it’s irresistible tropical juices infusion. It also inspired us to move further and make the entire NEIPA series. Soon Disko got another dancer on the stage – Harakoa (Maori for merry, happy).

Harakoa brought New Zealand the closest it ever got to us, since it brings out popular fruity hops from NZ in each sip. They made her even more aromatic and seducing. Harakoa is the freshest fruit we’ve never tasted before and the morning that smells of freshly cut grass.

However, since every game is a little art, and art never like very strict rules or boring limits, the freedom of brewing pushed us to try and bottle in one place slight bitterness, a bit higher alcohol content, aromas and exotic feels of the most wanted Australian hop, all in one beer. This is how we came up with Koakoa, flavor bomb, first Serbian double New England IPA. It contains 8% alc which is perfectly covered by the dominant pineapple aromas thanks to Galaxy dry hop, and it introduced the public to the superior White Labs liquid yeast. Koakoa hypnotized everyone with it’s superb taste and it’s colorful design in-circles (the similar being used on it’s older NZ sister’s label as well).

For now we ended the series with the fourth variation in a row. Once again it is sharing the same style, but keeping it’s own uniqueness. Loco About Coco is a Black NEIPA, brewed with 25 kilos of coconut per batch. Nothing speaks exotic more clearly than a coconut palm tree. Even though it’s as black as night, this one is drinkable at any time. Loco About Coco has the power to teleport us to a sandy beach, to stop the rain, or to kicks the stress away, all of that with the very first sip. Everyone who tasted it simply fell in love, not only here, but also recently during the Berlin Beer Week, where we were the guests of Stone Brewery. That’s the magic of NEIPA in four unique variations.