Vladimir Lalić

Wanna be Lee?

KB: What was the idea that lead the design?

VL:Movement, strength, purity, eastern culture, struggle and peace.
My drawing was the basis I attached to the atmosphere of the Far East. It was interesting to me to make the distance between my hands to remind me of a bottle (beer, of course)

KB: What was the inspiration?

VL: Inspiration came from the purity of old Chinese graphics as well as the shape of a person who is ready for action.


KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined design of the label?

VL: No, I did not try this beer because I did design while I was in Paris. But a passionate description of their team helped me understand the essence of the beer's taste.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?

VB: Since design is not my initial job, but painting, it was a challenge and every visual challenge is very interesting to me.


KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?

VB: Depends on the moment...


Vladimir Lalic draws, does graphics and paints, as well as sings and composes. He has won 6 awards for visual creativity in Serbia and France. Vladimir had 20 solo and over 60 group exhibitions all over the world. He is a founder and a singer of the Organized Chaos band. Currently he creates on the route Belgrade - Paris. http://www.vladimirlalic.com/