Valentina Brkovic


KB: What are the motives behind this design?
VB: Melisa is a reddish beer made with the herb from mountain Kosmaj, so the three elements – color, composition and origin, shaped the concept. Kabinet required an illustration that will transmit a sense of freshness and lightness, so my initial idea was to try to abstract such feelings and atmosphere using various colorful shapes.

KB: What was the inspiration?
VB: Nature, beginning of spring and the song “Melissa Juice” by Boards of Canada.

KB: Was it the taste of beer that defined label’s design?
VB: I have not had the chance to try the beer before it was put on sale, but the brief I got has definitely defined design and what is most important – it was really compatible with me. In my illustrations, I often use lush plants and colors similar to the ones I used on Melisa’s label. The work process was so relaxed that I had the feeling as if I was making something that I would hang on my wall or give to a friend as a gift.

KB: How does it feel to design for the first Serbian craft beer?
VB: The best job in the world is when you work for a brand you love and consume. In my opinion, Kabinet is doing a great job and I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to design the label for their new beer. Ever since I found out about them, I secretly hoped that they would call me one day.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
VB: I still have not tried all of them, but I often order BrrrKaa, because it has a fruity flavor, which I am fond of. If I had to choose by design, than it would be SuperNova, the work of Davor Gromilović or IPA Cascade, the work of Sretan Bor, although I find all their labels very fetching and fun.


Valentina Brković is a young designer and illustrator based in Belgrade. In 2013, she graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department for Book Design and Printmaking. She is currently working on several independent cultural projects.