Sretan Bor


KB: What are the motives for creating this design?
MK: The main idea was to present this beer through a patchwork of the are from which it comes.

KB: What was your initial inspiration?
MK: India is full of recognizable symbols but the peacock, with its magnificent and proud tail, rounds them up.

KB: Was it the taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
MK: By coincidence I do not drink alcohol.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
MK: Excellent! It should be more of these co-operations between producers and illustrators in order to develop stronger competitiveness and quality as of artwork and packaging and so that a product receives a more personal identity.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
MK: As I said, I do not drink so I do not know the tastes.

Visual identity of our first India Pale Ale came up from the artist and illustrator Mario Kolaric, known as Sretan Bor/Happy Pine. Some of his clients inlcude: Le Monde Diplomatique, Barba Label, Esquire Russia, Ronhill…