Dragoslav Malinić

Olga & Olga on Cardamom

KB: What was the idea that lead the design?
The lady that is ready for everything.

KB: What was the inspiration?
Olga! Do you need more inspiration than this name. It was enough for me to develop me character from this.

KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
Not really. We were inspired by this lady s manners:)

KB: How does it feel to design for the first Serbian craft beer?
Exceptional experience. To me, it is a fact that you get complete freedom in creating (in this case) a label that is quite avant-garde, which puts Kabinet miles ahead of the others.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
I am not a beer drinker, but I do my best to find a favorite one real soon.
Short biography:
Dragoslav is a visual artist who lives and works in Banja Luka. Field of action are visual art, design, illustration. The greatest reward he received was three beautiful daughters.